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Creative Enterpri​ses Studio


Project Gallery

There's something special about people who are interested

in the printed word. They are a species all their own--

learned, kind, knowledgeable, and human.

Nathan Pine, bookseller

Bibles, Bible Study Books,

and Reference Works

To view a larger version of any book, just click on the book cover.

Great thanks for pouring your skill and hard work into

The Inspirational Study Bible. It is so much the better because of your care and wonderful talent. 

--Max Lucado

Having worked with many of the Creative Enterprises people on

the International Children's Bible, the New Century Version,

and related Bible products, I know they are professionals

who handle the Word of God respectfully and carefully,

meet deadlines conscientiously,

and bring the expertise of many years of publishing experience

to everything they do.

--Carol Bartley

Workbooks and Study Guides

Children's Bible Products