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Adventures Under 

Mango Tree

A story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan

Lillian Ann KIepp

What can one ordinary person do?

Read this astonishing memoir about orphans, rescue in the midst of war, and you’ll see. Then perhaps you, too, can step out in faith for the sake of the gospel. 


A Physician's Biblical & Scientific Guide to Nutrition 

Scott Stoll, MD

Foreword: Walt Larimore, MD

This is not just another fad diet--

it's God's perfect food plan. Try it! You'll live longer and truly enjoy being Alive!


A Caregiver's Workbook

to Take Control

Lori Janacek, R.N.

Your loved one has just been 

diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. 

Begin taking control today. 

Get your copy of this extremely valuable 

workbook. Do it for your loved one. 

Do it for yourself.

And do it now . . . 

before the storm comes!

Apetito por la 


Crear hambre de su 


Marina McLean

Prólogo por Guillermo 


¿Has probado la maravilla de la verdadera adoración? ¿Estás realmente seguro?Si no lo estás, te podrías estar perdiendo lo mejor que esta vida ofrece.Este libro aumentará tu apetito por la adoración y probarás un poco del cielo. Cómpralo. Consúmelo. Y ¡vive una vida más allá de tus expectativas!

Appetite for Worship

Creating a Hunger for His 


Marina McLean

Foreword by John Kilpatrick

Have you ever tasted the wonder of true worship? 

Are you really sure?

This book will whet your appetite for worship, and you'll come away with a little taste of heaven.

Buy it. Consume it.

And live a life beyond your wildest expectation!

Bound to a Promise

A True Story of Love, Murder, 

and Redemption

Bonnie Floyd

Foreword: Sheila Walsh

At six o’clock on a cold, foggy morning in Fresno, California, Bonnie Floyd’s horrific nightmare began . . . but she was wide-awake!

This shocking story is like an exciting action movie played out in powerful print. Don’t be surprised if it captures your heart and you, too, become bound to a promise.

Just Show Up!

How Your Obedience Leads to 

Unimaginable Victory

Larry Buck

Foreword by Robert Morris

Take the challenge! Be the voice and breath of God in the lives of others. You can do it when you Just Show Up! and let God use you to shine His light into the darkest corners of the world.

Life is Hard...

Or So You Think

Lynn Howell

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered,

“Is this all there is?

Surely there must be more to life than this!”

Life with Lord Byron

Laughter, Romance, and

Lessons Learned from Golf's

Greatest Gentleman

Peggy Nelson

Byron Nelson's wife, Peggy, talks about her late husband, not just as a golfer but as a devoted Christian man, husband, mentor to other golfers, and friend to so many.

Includes a CD with Byron reliving

his 1945 11-game streak

that still stands as the world record

many say will never be broken.

Make Your Vision Go Viral

Taking Christ to Great Cities 

A Proven 5-Step Plan 

That Really Works

Dr. Gary Sorrells

Foreword by Dr. Howard Norton

In 1961, drawn together by their passion to fulfill the vision of Christ, thirty-one dedicated graduates of Abilene Christian University (ACU) moved to Brazil to ignite the flame of eternal hope in the hearts of South American people. Their plan was to plant churches in great Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking cities in the Latin world. And Great Cities Missions (GCM) was born.

Makeovers with 


Learning to Live on What's 

Left of Life

Dr. Sheila Bailey

Foreword by Thelma Wells

Makeovers with Leftovers will renew your hope, 

refresh your joy, and help you remake your image 

into His. Buy it. Read it. Use it.

And celebrate what’s left of your life!

More Than a Hero

Dare to Be a Real Dad

Clint Gann

Fatherhood is the most exhilarating, frightening,

energizing, exhausting joy and responsibility you’ll ever experience.

Only a hero can survive it!

More Than Lipstick

You Are a Designer Original

Deborah King

What makes a woman feel beautiful? Is it the perfect makeup, a gorgeous outfit, a great personality, or an ivy-league education?

No, it’s so much more!

Real beauty creates mystery and leaves something to be uncovered.

Uncover the designer original within you today, because true beauty is so much more than lipstick!


A True Story of Mental Illness, Murder,

and Reconciliation

Benny Malone

In Psychotic Rage! author Benny Malone tells the painful story of how her son murdered his father to offer encouragement and hope to parents and families of the mentally ill. 

A shocking page turner you

can't put down!

The Inheritance

Accepting Your Daily

Gift of Grace

Sheila Bailey

Shenikwa Cager

Cokiesha Robinson

In this 40-day devotional, you'll learn that God’s wonderful grace is the very foundation of your eternal salvation. You don't need to earn it—you couldn’t, even if you tried. You don't have to purchase it—it’s far too expensive. You don't have to deserve it—you don’t. It’s a present of inestimable value purchased by Jesus for the one he adores—you!

The Person Beside

the Bed

Encouragement for the Informal 


Jo Angelia Simpson

No one really thinks about the person beside the bed. The caregiver is like an empty chair—visitors focus on the person in the bed, and the caregiver becomes invisible

The Publishing 


An Informal, Easy-to-Understand 


Mary Hollingsworth

It's a fact: today's publishing world is complicated and technical. The biggest challenge for newcomers trying to navigate the publishing industry, or even for those who work in it every day, is to learn the special language spoken by publishing professionals.

Includes special Christian 

publishing terms.

A Great Gift for the Writer

in Your Life!

The Spirit of Texas!

The Astonishing Story of 

a Pioneer Rancher's Family & 

Their Mighty State

Winston Menzies

Texas! It's not just a majestic place, but it's a magnificent people! An attitude. A way of life. An undeniable spirit--the spirit of winning. William Menzies was a not-so-typical West Texas rancher.

In The Spirit of Texas read how he changed the face of ranching in Texas.

This Little Girl's Journey

My Lifelong Search for my 

Biological Father and Family

Carla Butler

A true story--a poignant and provocative testimony of a young woman who ultimately found her life's answers and meaning by avoiding today's popular Madison Avenue mentality by pursuing what really matters most in life.

Unlikely Friends in 


Pat Devereaux

Heaven is a wonderful place! It's so amazing only God could create it. Things in heaven are so much sweeter and more joyful than on earth.

Unlocking the Dream

The Voice of God

in Your Sleep

Dr. Renny McLean

God has been speaking to you through supernatural dreams all your life, adding meaning and power for living. Why? Because dreams are the voice of God specifically for you. 

Entendiendo Los 


(Spanish Edition)

La voz de dios en tus sueños

Dr. Renny McLean

Dios le ha estado hablando a través de sueños sobrenaturales toda su vida, añadiendo significado y poder para vivir. ¿Por qué? Porque los sueños son la voz de Dios específicamente para usted. 

Why Do You 

Hurt Me, God?

Discovering God and 

Life in the Midst of Pain

David J. Mathews

In the midst of life-numbing pain 

or grief, where is our

All-Loving God?

And how do you go forward with 

living? Life is inevitably struck by searing pain.

Disease. Divorce. Death.