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Creative Enterpri​ses Studio


Helen Hosier

Books Authored in Print

100 Christian Women Who Changed the Twentieth Century (Revell, 2000) Angel award from Excellence in Media, Hollywood

Living the Lois Legacy: Passing On a Lasting Faith to Your Grandchildren (Focus on the Family and Tyndale, 2002) Angel Award

An Eclipse of the Soul: A Christian Resource on Dealing with Suicide (Revell, 2005) Suddenly Unemployed: Encouraging & Practical Steps for Finding a Job (Revell, 2005)

William and Catherine Booth: Founders of the Salvation Army (Barbour, 1999) Jonathan Edwards: The Great Awakener (Barbour, 1999)

Beyond the Norm: The Norm Miller Story, the Interstate Batteries Story (Nelson, 1996)

Step Up and Step Out: The Garry Kinder Story updated, five new chapters (2009)   

Books Ghosted and/or Co-authored in Print

Pioneering the Superstore: The Story of Clyde “Smitty” Smith, the entrepreneur who launched the superstore concept preceding Walmart, Target, etc., an amazing story celebrating the free enterprise Capitalistic system unique to America (2010).

America at the Tipping Point, Gary Frazier (2009) Footprints: The True Story Behind the Poem that Inspired Millions 10 Anniversary Edition (Harper, 1993)

Stepping Up & Stepping Out: The Garry Kinder Story (Insight Pub. Group, 2004) 

Books Authored Out of Print -- can be found on E-bay, or

You Never Stop Being a Parent: The Myth of the Empty Nest (Revell, 1986)

To Love Again: Remarriage for the Christian (Abingdon, 1975) (Book No. 11)

“Sunday” gift book with CD (Barbour Publishing, August 1999)

The Quotable Christian (Barbour Publishing, 1998)

The Other Side of Divorce (Abingdon, 1974) (Book No. 10)

Miss America Cookbook (Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, 1995)

Living Cameos (Revell, 1984) Angel award

Kathryn Kuhlman: The Life She Lived, the Legacy She Left (Revell, 1976} Angel award. (Book No. 12)

The Thinking Christian Woman (Harvest House, 1988)

It Feels Good to Forgive (Harvest House, 1980)

How to Know When God Speaks (Harvest House, 1980)

Forgiveness in Action (Hawthorn, New York, 1974) (Book No. 9)

Jesus: Love in Action (Ronald Haynes Publisher, 1981)

The Caring Jesus (Hawthorn, New York, 1975) (Book No. 13)

Walter Knott: Keeper of the Flame (Plycon Press, 1973) (Book No. 8)

Profiles: Men and Women Who Are Helping to Change the World (Hawthorn, 1977) (Book No. 14)

Silhouettes: Women Behind Great Men (Word Books, 1972) (Book No. 7) Transformed: Behind the Scenes with Billy Graham (Tyndale House, 1970) (Book No.6)

Cameos: Women Fashioned by God (Tyndale House, 1968) (Book No. 4.) This was my best-selling book sold over a half-million copies, which in 1968 for a Christian book was unusual. There is a wonderful story connected with this book. It finally went out of print because the stories needed updating, so instead I did 100 Christian Women (2000)

Living Words of Comfort and Cheer (Tyndale House, 1968) (Book No.5)

Small Talk (Tyndale House, 1969) (Book No. 3)

Please Pray for the Cabbages (Revell, 1967) (Book No. 2)

Joyfully Expectant: Meditations Before Baby Comes (Revell, 1966 Book No.1)  

Books Co-authored Out of Print

Going Sideways (Hawthorn, 1974) with Duane Pederson

Never Say Never to God (G. R. Welch Co., Canada, 1980) with Nell Maxwell

Cancer? Coronary? God’s Answer (Harvest House, 1979) with Dr. Brennan

Better Than I Was (Thomas Nelson, 1980) with Frances Kelly

Eating Your Way to Good Health (Revell, 1977) with Jean Wade

Day of Miracles (Hawthorn, 1975) with Duane Pederson   

Books Ghosted Out of Print

Lester Roloff: Living by Faith (Thomas Nelson, 1978)

Struck by Lightning, Then by Love (Thomas Nelson, 1979) Wilma Stanchfield

Private Pain (Harvest House, 1987) with Rich Wilkerson

They Call Me Mother Graham (Revell, 1977) Morrow Graham (Billy Graham’s Mother) Take Charge of Your Health (Harper & Row, 1982) Gladys Lindberg and Judy Lindberg McFarland

How to Get Your Act Together (Nelson, 1982) Pat McBride

The World in My Mirror (Abingdon, 1979) Margaret Jones

The Outer You, The Inner You (Word, 1978) Donna Axum, former Miss America

Let the Earth Hear (Nelson, 1980) Dr. Paul Freed, founder of TransWorld Radio

The Electronic Church, The story of the founding of NRB – the National Religious Broadcasters for Dr. Ben Armstrong (Nelson, 1979)

Hold Me While You Let Me Go (Harvest House, 1982) Rich Wilkerson

Teenagers: Parental Guidance Suggested (Harvest House, 1983) Rich Wilkerson

Am I My Brother’s Keeper (Pillar Books, 1975) Pat Boone

At Any Cost (Revell, 1978) Anita Bryant

The Anita Bryant Story (Revell, 1977) Anita Bryant

My Years with Corrie [ten Boom] (Revell, 1978) Ellen de Kroon Stamps

Fast Your Way to Health (Nelson, 1980) J. Harold Smith

Hold Me Close, Lord Jesus (Hawthorn, 1974) Duane Pederson

On Lonely Street with God (Hawthorn), 1973 Duane Pederson Beware: Children in Peril - Rexella Van Impe 1984

Hope and Fear Not - Dr. Jack Van Impe 1984

Is God Magic – Rexella Van Impe 1993

The Tender Touch (Nelson, 1980) Rexella Van Impe

Satisfied – Rexella Van Impe 1984

Choose to Win (Abingdon, 1979) Ernest Schmidt             

2001 Gold Angel Lifetime Achievement Award received from Excellence in Media, Hollywood, for 35 years of writing. (Only the second such award given to a woman writer, Dale Evans Rogers received the first). Three other “Angels” received through the years for books authored (under my own name).

The first book published in 1966, now, as of 2015, 49 years of writing, and more than 60 books published, with God’s help and blessing, I’ll continue to use the gift He entrusted to me (Colossians 3:23, 24).

Magazine Columnist

The Church Herald, “Over a Cup of Coffee” weekly column four years

Christian Times, “Hi from Helen” weekly column three years

Book Journal, “Over the Counter” monthly column two years   

Magazine Articles

Eternity The Saturday Evening Post

The Christian Herald

The Evangelical Beacon Eternity

Moody Monthly C

Christian Life

Christian Retailing

Bookstore Journal   

Newspaper Columnist:

The Eagle, Marshall, Texas (2008-09) (Paper no longer exists) Winters Express (every other week, since 2013)

People whom I have interviewed and/or about whom I have written or ghosted books:

Garry Frazier, speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy and current events, founder and president of Discovery Ministries.

The late Morrow Graham, mother of Dr. Billy Graham (ghosted her book They Call Me Mother Graham)

Dr. Leighton and Jean Ford (brother-in-law and sister of Billy Graham)

The late Dr. W. A. Criswell, First Baptist Church, Dallas

Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, founders Focus on the Family

The late Dr. Bill Bright, and Vonette Bright, founders Campus Crusade for Christ

The late Mary Lee Bright, Dr. Bill Bright’s mother

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Van Impe, founders Van Impe Ministries, television program

Dr. Paul Freed, founder TransWorld Radio (ghosted history of the organization; traveled to five European countries to interview people involved with TWR in order to write Let the Earth Hear)

Dr. Ben Armstrong, ghosted the history of NRB (the National Religious Broadcasters) The late Marj Saint Van Der Puy (husband was Nate Saint, martyred missionary to the Aucas 1956)

The late Catherine Marshall, best-selling author

The late Dale Evans Rogers The late Mary Dorr Gordon, founder/producer “Angel” Awards, Hollywood, California

The late Arthur DeMoss and Nancy, founder National Liberty Life Anita Bryant (ghosted two of her books)

The late Walter Knott, founder Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA (wrote his biography Walter Knott, Keeper of the Flame)

Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winner, wrote article for The Saturday Evening Post

Dr. Cory SerVaas, editor/publisher The Saturday Evening Post

Pat Boone (ghosted book for him)

Ryan White, 16-year-old hemophiliac AIDS victim, cover story for March 1988 The Saturday Evening Post

Margaret Powers, author of the famous “Footprints” poem (ghosted her book Footprints, The True Story behind the Poem)

Edith Schaeffer, widow of Dr. Frances Schaeffer, founders L’Abri, Switzerland

The late Mary C. Crowley, founder Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc., Dallas

The late Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay beauty products, Dallas

The late Kathryn Kuhlman (had the last interview with her before her death; I then wrote the book Kathryn Kuhlman: The Life She Lived, the Legacy She Left

Frank Peretti, bestselling author The late Dr. Jerry Falwell, and Macell, his wife, Lynchburg, Virginia ministry

The late Evelyn LeTourneau, widow of R. G. LeTourneau

The late Elizabeth (Betty) Greene, MAF missionary

The late Gladys Lindberg, founder Lindberg Nutrition Centers, southern California (ghosted Harper book Take Charge of Your Health)

Judy Lindberg McFarland (co-author with her mother of above book; and ghosted portions of Aging Without Growing Old)

Edmund L. Johnson, businessman, financier, Los Angeles

Dr. Ruth Dix, medical missionary to the Congo

The late Dr. Ed Hill and Jane Hill, black theologian, Los Angeles

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Jones, evangelist, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Dr. Sherwood Wirt, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Wallace and Alma Johnson, co-founders Holiday Inns International

Dee Jepson, worked in the Reagan Administration, Washington, D.C. Rev. and Mrs. Ben Haden, theologian, Chattanooga, Tennessee

The late Dean S. Lesher, Northern California newspaper magnate

Lila Trotman, widow of Dawson Trotman, founder The Navigators

John Anderson and his mother, Congressman Illinois

Rev. Chuck Smith, founder Calvary Chapels across the country

Jim and Betty Truxton, co-founders Missionary Aviation Fellowship

Joyce Landorf Heatherley, author

The late Charles Barrows, father of Cliff Barrows with the Billy Graham team

Dr. Stephen and Heather Olford, theologian

The late Barbara Johnson, bestselling author

The late Festo Kivengere, missionary statesman from Africa Colonel and Mrs. John Hancock Fain, Campus Crusade

The late Robert M. Thompson and his mother, former member Canadian Parliament Her Excellency Masiofo Fetaui Mata’Afa, wife of the Prime Minister of Western Samoa The late Reverend Rex Lindquist, and his wife, Fern, theologian, missionary to Alaska The late Juanda Huggins, wife of Fort Worth, Texas, businessman

Cathy Meeks, black author on faculty at Mercer University, Macon, Georgia

Tony and Kathy Salerno, Agape Force Frances Kelly, black talk show hostess “Good Morning from Memphis”

The late Thelma Elfstrom, wife of Southern California newspaper magnate

The late Corrie ten Boom, Dutch survivor of a Nazi concentration camp

Darlene Swanson, former starlet

Roald and Wilma Stanchfield, ghosted her book Struck by Lightning, Then by Love Norm Miller, CEO Interstate Batteries, Dallas; NASCAR races

Garry Kinder, CEO Kinder Brothers Associates, Dallas, Step Up & Step Out

Olivia Plummer, testimony in Cameos: Women Fashioned by God book

Melody Green, widow of Keith Green, musician

Nell Maxwell, founder Canadian women’s ministry

The late Lester Roloff, evangelist

The late Lester Sumrall, evangelist

Rich Wilkerson, evangelist

Duane Pederson, “Jesus People” movement founder; street evangelist, Hollywood

Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries, best selling author

Evelyn Christenson, best selling author, founder United Prayer Ministries 

Researched and wrote the biographies of women featured in 100 Christian Women Who Changed the 20 Century; Cameos: Women Fashioned by God; Silhouettes: Women Behind Great Men; Profiles: People Who Are Helping to Change the World and others. Clyde B. Smith, the true story of this supermarket innovator who developed the prototype for the “superstores” of today rolled out by Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc