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Bible Study

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Appetite for Worship

Creating a Hunger

for His Presence

Marina McLean

This book will whet your appetite for worship, and you'll come away with a little taste of heaven. Buy it. Consume it. And live a life beyond your wildest expectation!

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Apetito por la 


Crear hambre de su presencia

Marina McLean

Este libro aumentará tu apetito por la adoración y probarás un poco del cielo. Cómpralo. Consúmelo. Y ¡vive una vida más allá de tus expectativas!

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The Inheritance

Accepting Your Daily

Gift of Grace

Sheila Bailey

Shenikwa Cager

Cokiesha Robinson

These three women of God bring you to the very edge of heaven by encouraging you to fully accept and receive the beautiful gift of God’s love—his saving grace.

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Makeovers with 


Learning to Live on What's Left of Life

Sheila Bailey

Are you suffering from the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or disease, through loss of income, housing, or hope?

Makeovers with Leftovers will renew

your hope, refresh your joy, and help you remake your image into His. 

Buy it. Read it. Use it.

And celebrate what’s left of your life!

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