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Adventures Under 

Mango Tree

A story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan

Lillian Ann KIepp

What can one ordinary person do?

Read this astonishing memoir about orphans, rescue in the midst of war, and you’ll see. Then perhaps you, too, can step out in faith for the sake of the gospel. 

Adventures Under the Mango Tree 

contains more than 30 black-and-white photos of adorable orphans and scenes from Sudan.

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Bound to a Promise

A True Story, of Love, Murder, and Redemption

Bonnie Floyd

Foreword by Sheila Walsh

The key to this disturbing drama hangs on a crucial and binding promise made to Bonnie. Did the promise maker keep that promise, or was it broken? The answer to that burning question had everlasting consequences both for the promise maker and the one to whom the promise was made.

This shocking story is like an exciting action movie played out in powerful print. Don’t be surprised if the amazing redemptive ending captures your heart and you, too, become bound to a promise.

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Life with Lord Byron

Laughter, Romance, and 

Lessons Learned from

Golf's Greatest Gentleman

Peggy Nelson

Byron Nelson's wife, Peggy, talks about her late husband, not just as a golfer but as a devoted Christian man, husband, mentor to other golfers, and friend to so many. Replete with anecdotes, quotes, and never-before-told stories about Byron, this delightful book will let you see inside the private life and heart of golf's greatest gentleman.

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Psychotic Rage

A True Story of Mental Illness, Murder, and Reconciliation

Benny Malone

Author Benny Malone tells her painful story of how her son murdered her husband and attacked her. Her story gives hope for relief and healing to those who suffer from a terrible, deadly illness named Psychosis that often leaves families shattered and grieving.

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The Spirit of Texas!

The Astonishing Story of 

a Pioneer Rancher's Family & 

Their Mighty State

Winston Menzies

Texas! It's not just a majestic place, but it's a magnificent people! An attitude. A way of life. An undeniable spirit--the spirit of winning. William Menzies was a not-so-typical West Texas rancher, who changed the face of ranching.

His story is a tale of perseverance, overcoming, and eventual triumph.

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This Little Girl's Journey

My Lifelong Search for My

Biological Father and Family

Carla Butler

A true story--a poignant and provocative testimony of a young woman, who ultimately found her life's answers and meaning by avoiding today's popular Madison Avenue mentality bby pursuing what really matters most in life. Carla found her answers through determination, persistence, and dependence on God as she searched for her missing biological father, and in the process also found her true Father.

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